Adrien Minerals is a subsidiary company under the Adrien Group that specializes in the supply of various minerals with high concentrations, such as coltan, copper, Casterite, wolframite, lithium, and gemstones like Amethyst, Zircon Red, Sapphire Correndo,Zircon black and more. The company sources these minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and distributes them to different locations worldwide.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is known to have significant deposits of minerals, including coltan, copper, and other valuable resources. Adrien Minerals takes advantage of these resources by establishing a supply chain network to extract, process, and transport these minerals from the DRC to various destinations globally.


Coltan is a mineral used in the production of electronic devices, particularly for its tantalum content, which is essential for the manufacturing of capacitors. Copper is a widely used metal in electrical wiring and equipment, while lithium is a crucial component in batteries used in electric vehicles and portable electronic devices,Cassiterite are the principle tin ore throughout ancient history and remains the primary source of tin metal, used as plates, cans, containers, solders, and polishing compounds and alloys also Wolframite is highly valued as the main source of the metal tungsten, a strong and very dense material with a high melting temperature used for electric filaments and armor-piercing ammunition, as well as hard tungsten carbide machine tools. one of the elements in wolframite, is used to make the speakers and microphones in mobile phones.Wolframite is a source of tungsten, which acts as a heat sink and provides the mass for mobile phone vibration.



Adrien Minerals ensures the responsible sourcing and extraction of these minerals by adhering to international regulations and ethical guidelines. They prioritize sustainable mining practices, environmental protection, and respect for human rights in their operations. This commitment allows them to maintain a positive reputation while meeting the growing demand for these minerals in different industries worldwide.

The company has established partnerships with various stakeholders, including miners and their cooperative, mining companies, logistics providers, and international buyers. By leveraging these partnerships, Adrien Minerals ensures a smooth supply chain, from extraction in the DRC to delivery to customers in different parts of the world.


Overall, Adrien Minerals, as a subsidiary of the Adrien Group, plays a crucial role in the global supply of minerals, facilitating the transfer of coltan, copper, lithium, gemstones and other minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo to destinations worldwide, while maintaining a focus on responsible and sustainable practices.